Best Spa Facials Salon in Astoria, Queens, NY

Astoria's hair salon not just the world's top salon for extensions; we are the best in Spa Facials Astoria, NY - Best Spa Facials in Astoria, Queens, NY! We have 3 top spa facial experts in our top NY spa facial salon. We have over ten different exotic spa facials on our menu. The perfect spa facial depends on your skin type, age, dryness or oiliness and goals.

Our fantastic Spa Facial experts examine your skin, and make recommendations based on these factors. Our spa room is on a separate floor of our salon. You will be able to relax to soft music while our leading spa facial experts work on your skin.

Some of our unique Spa Facials are the following: Gold Spa Facials, Wine Spa Facials, Oxygen Spa Treatments, Caviar Collagen Placenta and more. We also offer peels, European facials and more. Each person's skin is different. We give you a skin analysis, and we find the best facial for your goal. We are a top spa facial hair salon, beauty salon, beauty spa in NYC.

Spa Facials last different lengths of time. Our spa facials range from 30, 60, and 90 minutes. Many women visit our salon for a facial monthly, but that is all up to you. Arrange for a free consult, you have nothing to lose. We go over your skin care options, and then if you want you can do something right after. If not, no problem, we are a no pressure hair salon.

Whatever you have: oily skin, dry skin, aging skin, we can help. Our skilled spa professionals are experts in all skin types and all skin problems. Call to make a free consult. We take a look at your skin, and we make recommendations on what type of skin treatments are going to be best for you. You will love the new you, your new look, and keep coming back for years to come.

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