Brazilian Waxing Astoria, NY Best Brazilian Wax

Looking for a Brazilian Waxing Astoria, NY? Then your best choice is Astoria hair salon the best Full Service hair salon, in the New York area. First, you are nicely great, in our beautiful New York Salon. You meet our Brazilian Waxing Expert, who escorts you down to a private waxing room, on another floor of our salon. We then analyze your hair growth so we know what is going to be the best direction to remove your hair. We use a special numbing spray to desensitize the area. This is a key part of the process for a pain free Brazilian waxing experience.

Then, we use our special top of the line, custom wax, with a numbing formula, in the wax. This is the second time in the process we try to desensitize the area. We have a Brazilian Woman, Monday thru Friday, who does our Brazilian Waxing Services.

We use special, anti irritation lotion and creams, to prevent bumps and in grown hairs. We take great care, before, and after the actual Brazilian Wax, to make sure you have the best Brazilian waxing Experience in our Salon.

Our salon is conveniently located in Astoria, Queens, NY, close to Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, CT, NJ, and all areas of Queens. So are you looking for a Long Island Brazilian Waxing Salon, a Manhattan Brazilian Waxing Salon, and New York Brazilian Waxing Salon? Come to our top Brazilian Waxing Salon in NYC. For first time Customers, we charge only $40! Why so low? We know when you come to our New York salon; you are going to love your experience, so we have an intro rate. Come to our top of the line Brazilian Waxing salon. We provide the best multi step Brazilian Waxing Astoria, NY - Best Brazilian Wax in Astoria, New York process that woman swears is a painless Brazilian Bikini Wax experience. We do everything we can to make your Brazilian waxing experience in our salon, a painless and happy experience for you!

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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY
New York, NYC


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.
Sunday From 10:00A.M. To 5:00P.M.